Umweltschutz - Daten, Fakten, Hintergründe & ZusammenhängeFor almost two weeks I tried to live a nature friendly live. I really have to say that this was very difficult for me because I tried to change the way I normally live my life. To be honest the first two days I totally forgot that I wanted to try this project. So it all started on the third day. Because I have no bike I go to school by public transport and tried to be driven by car as little as possible by my father. But I had an important doctor´s appointment and my father drove me there and also back home. That was the only time I used a car.

The last two weeks were also very freezy and cold except for two or three sunny days. Although it was very cold I tried not to turn the heating on but honestly sometimes my father turned the heating in the living room on and when I happened to watch a bit TV I enjoyed being surrounded by warm air on a cold day. With the use of electronical things it was pretty hard not to be dependent on them. I honestly didn´t even try to watch less videos but I only watched TV about four days a week and one and a half hours daily. But I never had the TV uselessly plucked in the socket. And I can’t influence my mother not to use the dryer for our clothes or other electric appliances. I didn´t take baths but I normally don´t take them because I think that it´s disgusting to stay a long time in dirty water. But I took showers only every second day and I tried to spend less than half an hour under the shower. As a result I can say that you can´t change the way you lived before overnight but if you try it step by step and take it slowly I think everyone can do it.

Written by Nazdar Nader Nafkosh


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Sitzung des Schulvorstandes
03.03.2020 16:30
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Schnupperunterricht für Viertklässler
24.03.2020 - 25.03.2020

Der Schnupperunterricht findet in der 3./4. Stunde in der Petristraße statt. 

Anmeldungen können am Tag der offenen Tür in der Humboldtschule (20.2.2020) gemacht werden. 

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